What We Do


Our purpose, as a Joint Labor-Management company, is to enhance business opportunities and a quality of life by ensuring fairness, equity and standards of excellence in the construction industry of Wisconsin.



At Construction Business Group, we promote and protect the construction industry. One of the principal ways we protect the industry is to ensure fair contracting laws are followed on public construction projects. We work cooperatively with contractors, employees and public entities by educating them on fair contracting laws. monitoring projects for fair contracting compliance, and identifying and helping to resolve compliance issues. Below is a list of some of the services we provide.

                        Our Services


  • Provide up-to-date wage and employee benefit data
  • Provide current wage and hour law information and requirements
  • Track federally-funded construction projects for prevailing wage coverage and compliance
  • Monitor public and private construction projects to ensure labor standards and safety laws are being followed
  • Review public construction contracts to ensure legal compliance
  • Help contracting agencies properly follow the required bid processes and develop prevailing wage compliance protocol
  • Assist contracting agencies, employers and employees with fair contracting compliance complaints to determine whether a violation has occurred and provide guidance on how to resolve a violation
  • Provide educational programs on fair contracting laws and the benefits of compliance
  • No less than annually, CBG Investigators visit contractors, counties, cities, villages and towns to provide them with information on recent fair contracting law changes and offer assistance with fair contracting compliance