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Why Companies Need to File the Prevailing Wage Survey
What’s in it for you?

Each year the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) sends out a survey to construction contractors to determine the prevailing wage for all trades in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.  The survey covers building, heavy and highway, sewer and water, local street and residential work, and related industries.

The survey is required by state law and covers the period of June 1st of the prior year through May 31st of the current year and is due back to the Wisconsin DWD office by July 31st.  The responses that are received back from the employers set the prevailing wage rates for public construction the following year.

This survey is the foundation of setting prevailing wage.  Prevailing wage rates in public construction set the standard for a highly trained workforce and quality in construction.  Prevailing wage also provides all employers an equal bidding opportunity for public construction jobs and insures workers fair pay and benefits.

For the survey to be truly effective, EVERY contractor needs to participate and report each year. Click here for more reasons why contractors should file their survey!

Prevailing Wage Survey

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