About Us

About CBG

In 1992, Construction Business Group® was established and a charter agreement was signed creating our Joint Labor-Management (JLM) organization.

The Joint Labor-Management charter provides for a Board of Trustees consisting of seven labor trustees and seven management trustees. Both labor and management have equal representation and voting authority. The Board of Trustees meets at least quarterly and is charged with the responsibility of managing the JLM Fund and directing operations.

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose, as a Joint Labor-Management company, is to enhance business opportunities and a quality of life by ensuring fairness, equity and standards of excellence in the construction industry of Wisconsin.

Full Board Members
Management Trustees Labor Trustees
Summer Strand
The Walbec Group
Terrance E. McGowan
IUOE 139 President/Business Manager
Barry Scholz
Miron Construction Co.
AGC Wisconsin
Steve Buffalo
IUOE 139
Financial Secretary
William Kahl
W K Construction, Inc.
Shane Griesbach
IUOE 139
Recording Corresponding Secretary
District D Manager
Murray Luedtke
Michels Corporation
Aaron Raab
IUOE Local 139
District C Manager
Compliance Only Board Members
Management Trustees Labor Trustees
Pete Braun
Wall-tech Inc.
Patrick Nilsen
North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Todd Browning
The Rockwell Group
Burt Johnson
North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
General Counsel
Bliss Nicholson
The Bruce Company
Wisconsin LECET (management only)
John Schmitt
Wisconsin Laborers District Counsel
President and Business Manager

Partner Organizations

CBG Staff
Robb Kahl
Executive Director
Ph: 608-240-4175
Cell: 608-212-1076
Edna Baldwin
Wage and Hour Investigator
Cell: 262-200-1359
Cynthia L. Buchko
General Counsel
Ph: 608-310-8341
Cell: 608-576-2920
Victor Centeno
Wage and Hour Investigator
Joseph L. Davis, Sr.
DBE Development Director
Ph: 608-310-8353
Cell: 414-343-6025
Brent Granger
Wage and Hour Investigator
Cell: 715-305-6665
Marilyn Mau
Project Manager
Ph: 608-240-4177
Cell: 608-698-2272
Gary Hahn
Wage and Hour Investigator
Cell: 715-207-3032
Cheryl Louis
Cell: 608-445-9842
Jeff Hennen
Wage and Hour Investigator
Cell: 414-333-5054
Mindy Mulryan
Workforce Development / Project Specialist
Ph: 608-310-8352
Cell: 608-444-4137
Tim Krueger
Wage and Hour Investigator
Ph: 608-240-4176
Cell: 608-712-1847
Vikki Schaal
Office Administrator/Research Assistant
Ph: 608-240-4178
Cell: 608-212-4757
Dean Meyer
Wage and Hour Investigator
Cell: 715-538-3032
Dave Wesely
Wage and Hour Investigator
Cell: 920-360-5437